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{oFfIcIaL} 12 Days OF Christmas

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{oFfIcIaL} 12 Days OF Christmas

Post by Crystal00000 on Thu 24 Dec 2009, 10:23 am

HeY! 12 days of Christmas starts sooon! the 'kick off' lasts ALL DAY TODAY and ALL DAY CHRISTMAS DAY!
For these prizes:

Cool right?
Reindeer PSI
Wshop item
And plush Christmas Arte!

Just enter by
Who is most helpful to you on WKI, and who you think deserves the prize the mos!
then, winners will be randomly drawn on December 26th 2009
ANYONE CAN ENTER [except for Crystal00000]
Then The 12 days of Christmas start! [the 12 day s of Christmas REALLY run from Christmas - Epiphany Epiphany is when the Wise Men brought Him gifts! But they really didn't bring His gifts till 2 years after He was born! WOAH]

You and the person you enter will decide how to split the prize Wink and i can throw in ANY Christmas Wshop '09 so if you both want 3 gifts, thn just ask away Wink

Let The Contest Begin!


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