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The DCT for February 6th! FOR SATURDAY! 2010

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The DCT for February 6th! FOR SATURDAY! 2010

Post by Sgarabo on Sat 06 Feb 2010, 9:32 am

Today is the day monopoly was released in stores in 1935!
Wow! That was a long time ago..anyway, monopoly is one of my favorite games. :D
It's super fun and I'm pretty good at it. Enough about me, it's also Babe Ruth's Birthday! He was born in 1895!! That was wayyy longer than 1935! He's pretty old. Most of you guys are probably snowed in. I would have had CCD, Girl Scouts, and maybe visit my cousin all this morning! Glad there is snow. :3 Even though we're snowed in, I'm going to the movies today and seeing "Avatar" :D haha

CHAT AWAY!!!!!!!

(btw. sorry we're late.)


I love yoy oufe ;


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