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Welcoming New Ideas, Staff, And More!

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Welcoming New Ideas, Staff, And More! Empty Welcoming New Ideas, Staff, And More!

OK! So there are some new staff members! You might know them from Webkinz Town, Webkinz Trader, Kinz Community, or even Webkinz Insider (BLAH!xP sorry personal issues with that site)

WB is known on many other sites as: Webkinz Boy, WebkinzBoy, WB121, WB and many others
I'm pretty sure Aurora is always Aurora!

WB will be an administrator on WKI! He's already filled with lots of great ideas, if we get enough active members he wants to switch WKI to vBulliten! Isn't that amazing, you guys might just have to make a few donations, vBulliten costs $198 and then you still have to maintain it, there IS a free knock off called iKonboard, but I couldn't get that to work with this server

Aurora will be a global mod, I hope she does really well, because WB and I were chatting, and he thinks that if she can get around 20 or 25 people to join she might be an admin! Which would be great to see =)

Many of us know and love Kathy, I talked with her earlier today, and asked if she would like to be an Admin still (She had told be she was really busy) or if she would rather switch to being a Designer or TT, she said she'll be less busy in the summer, and be able to give WKI more of her time! And personally, I have no idea where WKI would be without her.... oh yeah! We'd be one of the least active sites in the world, and Guiness Book Of World Records would come and put us in their book. So therefore, unless she specifically requests to be something other than an Admin then I think I'll keep her that way =)

OK so you've heard the new staff, and new ideas! But how about the "MORE!" part!

New RPs have been posted, and trust me, WKI is the only Webkinz Fansite that has out of this world roleplaying, with categories to keep the RPs organized, and much, much more!

Have you ever wished WKI had more than just the little chatbox? Well now we have a chatbox AND a chatroom using xat!
Here's the link:

Remember guys! Visit our sister site www.ulovewebkinz.forumotion.com

Very Happy See ya!

Welcoming New Ideas, Staff, And More! Sb1szs
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Welcoming New Ideas, Staff, And More! :: Comments


Post on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 1:04 pm by Sgarabo

Wow, that is awesome! I think with our new staff members we will have A LOT more fun things to do and more activity(:

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Post on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 3:38 pm by Kathy

Congrats to the new staff. (:

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Post on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 5:25 pm by WB

The vBulletin upgrade costs alot and is very complicated to do. It would take alot of time and effort so we would need tons of money donations and more members.

Congratz to everyone else!

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Post on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 5:28 pm by Crystal00000

Congratz WB! And can we meet in chat? We can discuss that, and how to get more members too Wink

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