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Post by Crystal00000 on Sun 21 Jun 2009, 3:26 pm

Same rulez as members contest! just cause we're staff doesn't mean we can skimp out on things!

OK, so something to know

ONLYMODS/ADMINS CAN MAKE CONTESTS IN THIS AREA!you can POST to JOIN a contest, you just can't make one if your not a staff member Very Happy thanks!

1 no Scamming a member if you do, you will be banned for a few months, or years, or centries, or permanantly, depending on what you Scammed for

2Once your contest is over, please CONTACT A MOD/ADMIN THROUGH A PM. please! we need to close the thread, or, you could politely say on your first post (after the contest is over of course!) "Sorry, this contest has ended. thanks for your interest though" that is the only exception, also, that will be the only time you get to use the RED or BLUEcolor, just so it stands out

3 Be nice, play by common sense too. People probably won't come if you offer them "GAK"

4 Don't play the "Whoever sends me the best gift wins" game, you will immediatly be banned!

5 Don't harras people about joining, its fine if you go on the chat threads for the month of June and say "hey there ____! I made a contest! Wanna check it out?" its polite, and not pushy!

6 You can make up your OWN RULEZ for your contest, but those rules must not break these rules, these rules come first!

Please enjoy the contests! They're here for fun! We wont take them away if you know how to "Play" (Play meaning, play by the rules)


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