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The "I'm Late! I'm Late!" DCT for June 4th

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The "I'm Late! I'm Late!" DCT for June 4th Empty The "I'm Late! I'm Late!" DCT for June 4th

Post by Crystal00000 on Fri 04 Jun 2010, 10:06 pm

Sorry for the delay, I was busy!

So what did you guys do today? I'm at the BEST state park EVER in Nebraska! Here's what my schedule was:

Get up
eat donuts for breakfast (The little chocolate ones you buy at Wal*Mart)
Go to a reptile Jr. Naturalist workshop (they fed the animals today!)
Go on a horseback riding trail (I didn't like it at all, horses shouldn't follow the horses but in front of it)
Go to the parks 'water park' (3 slides, 2 slow and 1 very short, a 12ft deep end, diving board, medium sized pool, wave pool and kiddy play area)
Come back
Get a shower (we had to use the bathhouse xP)
Go to dinner at the restaurant in the lodge
Come back
Fix some mistakes on a website
Go to a melodrama "The villans secret" i think that was its name
come back
make a LATE DCT

sorry about how late it was tongue

The "I'm Late! I'm Late!" DCT for June 4th Sb1szs
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